Human Resources


We, as Bakırcı, are a family that has grown and developed with the value we place on people since 1987. As a valuable part of the Bakırcı family, we, the employees, contribute to achieving our common goals by sharing our knowledge and experience in the areas we are responsible for, while trying to progress, catch up with innovations and even create innovations.

At Bakırcı, we consider customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as complementary to each other. In order to develop our Human Resources, we aim to increase the talents of our employees and to create an innovative and creative corporate culture.

We grow and raise our goals every day, which is why we base our HR policy on bringing new employees to our family, with whom we will shape the future together, preparing opportunities for those who are part of this family to improve their competencies, supporting their development and rewarding them.

Selection and Placement

In line with our human resources policy, we aim to recruit employees who will adopt and sustain our corporate culture and have the training and competencies required by the position.

Training and Development Activities

We organize training activities in order to increase the knowledge, skills and competence levels of all our employees and to improve interdepartmental communication.

Career Development

In order to support the efforts made to reach their goals, we periodically evaluate the performance of our employees and contribute to their career development. We make decisions in line with the career goals of our employees for new positions and promotions that may occur within the company.